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Spring Forward

This morning I attempted to get a hotel reservation for the San Diego Comic Con. I'm not going there to promote this comic or anything, it's just that SDCC is really close to my home so for the last five years or so I've gone for fun. In the past I have driven down there each day, but having a hotel is just so convenient. The reservations are different this year, though, you had to choose twelve hotels and then they assign them. So I don't know if I got a hotel yet. We'll see what happens.

I am also really happy that it's daylight savings time. I guess I am weird like that. I just love it when it stays light until 8 at night. It gives the illusion of me having more free time. It has messed up my sleep patterns a little bit though, and I'm kind of tired. Oh well, almost Friday!

posted by rleeny @ March 18th, 2010, 8:07 pm  -  0 Comments

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