The Comic

Shadows of Enchantment is a free fantasy comic that updates once a week on Thursday.

If Shadows were a movie I would rate it PG or very mild PG-13 for violence. It does not contain profanity, sexual situations, nudity or excessive gore.


In the land of Nirhal, enchantment is an art that tempts with promises of power, wealth and miracles, but in the end only corrupts and destroys. 500 years ago, it took a war to save Nirthal from its influence. Now, in spite of the lessons of the past, there are signs that the corruption that nearly destroyed the kingdom is beginning to reemerge.

  The Characters

Serris - Before the disappearance of her husband Aiden, Serris fought against the creatures of darkness in the town of Deeprock. Now that Aiden is gone, however, she has found herself drifting further and further into despair.

Tyrus - Once a defender of Deeprock alongside Serris and Aiden, Tyrus has now taken up residence in the city of Aldria, where he has found thievery to be a profession he is quite suited for.

Garn - An aging assassin who is easily bored, Garn loves nothing more than to see his considerable skills put to good use, to the highest bidder, of course.

Vrill - Vrill is a buyer and seller, but most of all collector, of artifacts, oddities and antiquities. Although he is one of the richest men in Aldria with an impressive collection, his appetite for more possessions goes forever unsatiated. When the price isn't right, Vrill has no qualms about turning to less than seemly methods of acquisition. Tyrus has worked under his employ many times in the past.

Jeinara - As a representative of the Lightkeepers in Aldria, Jeinara has dedicated her life to ensuring that they kingdom does not fall prey to enchantment and repeat the mistakes of the past.

Morgrath - As Captain of the Royal Guard, Morgrath seeks to purge Aldria of corruption and lawlessness in order to make it more worthy of his service.

  The Author

I started this comic in an effort to retain some of my nerd cred during a brief stint where I wasn't playing World of Warcraft. I guess you can never really go clean, but at least this comic helps me play in moderation, plus I love seeing my art and storytelling skills improve as I continue to pratice.

I live in sunny Southern California where I work as a computer programmer. As day jobs go, it's a pretty good gig. My other hobbies include playing guitar, picking up art classes here and there, and reading other people's webcomics.