Happy Birthday, Shadows of Enchantment

This week marks one full year since I began updating Shadows of Enchantment. November 14 is the date I wrote down for when I started updating, so come Sunday, Shadows of Enchantment will be one year old. Next week is the end of chapter 2, so they coincide kind of nicely. I am currently doing layouts/pencils/inks/colors for chapter 3 and finalizing the dialog of chapter 4. I know that only updating once a week makes for a somewhat glacial pace, but it allows me to not get burnt out and still be excited about making the comic.

I have a few goals for the upcoming year. First, it's the obvious one of continuing to update without fail. I think second year anniversaries are far more rare for webcomics than first birthdays, so I'm hoping to get there. As far as art is concerned, I want to get better in general, but I especially want to try and do a better job with the backgrounds, fleshing out the environments and bringing the world to life. I also want to pay greater attention to detail and not make so many mistakes. Attention to detail doesn't come very naturally to me, and I tend to miss things, but hopefully I can get better.

Lastly, I want to give a big thank you to anyone who reads this comic, and an even bigger thank you to those who have left comments. I really appreciate your feedback.

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Comic Spotlight!

I was really pleasantly surprised to see my comic's banner on the smack jeeves front page this afternoon when I went to post the new page. A huge thank you to everyone who has fav'ed so far. I hope you enjoy the comic!

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Spring Forward

This morning I attempted to get a hotel reservation for the San Diego Comic Con. I'm not going there to promote this comic or anything, it's just that SDCC is really close to my home so for the last five years or so I've gone for fun. In the past I have driven down there each day, but having a hotel is just so convenient. The reservations are different this year, though, you had to choose twelve hotels and then they assign them. So I don't know if I got a hotel yet. We'll see what happens.

I am also really happy that it's daylight savings time. I guess I am weird like that. I just love it when it stays light until 8 at night. It gives the illusion of me having more free time. It has messed up my sleep patterns a little bit though, and I'm kind of tired. Oh well, almost Friday!

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Disneyland Tonight!

Tonight I'm going to see a 3D sci fi movie directed by a famous, acadamy award winning director about a man who visits an alien planet. No, not the one you're thinking of, it's Captain EO, which they brought back to Disneyland this month! Captain EO had Micheal Jackson in all his 80's pop star glory traveling across the galaxies redeeming alien worlds through music and dance. It's pretty corny, but I used to love it as a kid. It was the first 3D movie that I had ever seen that didn't use the red and blue glasses. My cousin and I even tried to learn the dance, and she's coming with me tonight to watch it, so it should be a lot of fun!

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Farewell Vancouver

Well, the Olympics are almost over for another two years. You would think that watching so much Olympics would make me want to work hard and get into peak physical condition, but really it just makes me want to eat more chips so I have something to do during the commercials. But Olympics watching has come in handy as far as my webcomic is concerned. Since my rear end was planted firmly to the television facing couch for so long the last couple of weeks, I have been able to get the lines finished for the rest of chapter 1. I can't wait to start on chapter 2!

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Olympic Dreams

Well, the Olympics got off to a pretty rocky start but now that they are in full swing, they are just as awesome as ever. My favorite moment so far was the Chinese figure skating pair winning gold after trying for so long. Every Olympic athlete trains like crazy, but few for so long as these two, and it's great to see their perseverance pay off. Now that I'm in my mid twenties, this is really the first Olympics where I am older than most of the athletes competing, and it's kind of weird. But fear not, my Olympic dreams are not dead! If I start training right now, maybe I can make the Olympic team next year in curling :)

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The Olympics are almost here!

I am super excited about the Winter Olympics starting tomorrow. I love the Olympics. So exciting! I don't follow the figure skating as closely as I used to but I'm sure that the telecasts will waste no time getting me acquainted with the newest bunch of athletes.

Also, new page today :)

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Good Article on Layouts and Pacing

Someone posted this article in another forum, but it's worth linking again here:

It's an article on lilrivkah's livejournal that covers layouts, pacing, flow, etc. This is something I am definitely trying to improve with my own comic so I thought this article was really good.

Also, page 21 is up today, with the first appearance of Jeinara and Morgrath!

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